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Jinchi Biotech Ltd. is an ecology oriented biotech company, which is dedicated to R&D and application of bio-technology, and adopts circular economy business model. Founded in January 2009, its subsidiariay Zhangjiajie (China) Giant Salamander Biological Technology Co, Ltd. built Giant Salamander Museum in August 2010, which was approved by the national government as Science Education Base. Jinchi Biotech Ltd. has established long-term cooperation with a great number of colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and clinical research centers, such as Dalian Ocean University, built the central laboratory, and obtained 4 national patents, which has laid a solid foundation for Jinchi Biotech Ltd.’s continuing development in health and beauty as well as biomedical industries.

Jinchi Biotech Ltd. is mainly specialized in the R&D of giant salamander related bio-technology products, with more than 40 skincare and health products under two product lines, namely SHINIQUE and ANDRIAS. Jinchi Biotech Ltd. has gradually formed its comprehensive business model, with the Giant Salamander Museum as display platform, E-commerce as major channel, accompanied by specialized market, boutique shops and flagship stores.

Devoted to the health, beauty and biomedical industry, Jinchi Biotech Ltd. values virtue and goodwill, and commits to deliver quality products to consumers.