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Scientific Researches

2009: The company cooperated with Professor Wei Li, doctorial supervisor of Dalian Ocean University, and Professor Pavel Lukyanov from Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences to conduct R&D on the active substances in the skin slime of artificially-bred 2nd filial generation giant salamanders as well as the nutrition and health protection values of its meat, bones, guts and grease.   

2010: The company appointed Professor Wei Li as the general engineer of the company, and professor Pavel Lukyanov as the honorary advisor. The company was also awarded the Science and Technology Scheme Key Project Funding of Zhangjiajie City.

2011: During Hunan Science and Technology Campaign Week - the 4th Hunan Science and Technology Expo, “Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs)” was awarded innovation gold medal. The company and Dalian Ocean University jointly established Dalian Ocean University • Zhangjiajie (China) Jinchi Giant Salamander Biological Technology Co., Ltd Joint Biotechnology Laboratory. The company was also awarded the Science and Technology Scheme Key Project Funding of Zhangjiajie City. On May 27, General Engineer Professor Wei Li and his scientific research team, Ph.D. Min Qu, Master Wenli Wang, and Master Xinying Yu attended "2011 Agriculture Engineering New Technology International Academic Conference (ICAE2011)” held by Shandong University of Technology at Zibo. On November 20-23, General Engineer Professor Wei Li attended “2011 International Conference on Food Factors (ICoFF)” in Taipei. “Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs) Key Production Technology ”project under the leadership of Professor Wei Li passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal by Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department as international advanced level.

2012: The company was awarded Science and Technology Scheme project funding by Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology. “Production Technology of Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs) and its Application in Cosmetic and Skincare Products" was awarded invention patent. “Oyster Polysaccharide Fruit Drinks” was awarded invention patent. The company was awarded Hunan Province Strategic Emerging Industry Enterprise Intellectual Property Pilot Unit. The company cooperated with authority of medical beauty, PLA Air Force General Hospital as well as Yahan International Medical Cosmetic Hospital and completed 40 cases of “Clinical Observations and Research on Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs) in Resisting Skin Photo-ageing”. Min Qu passed the doctorial thesis defense titled “Research of Production, Characteristics, Biological Activity and Application of Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs)” and was awarded the Ph.D.. “Application of Sound, Light, Electricity and Multimedia Interactive Hi-tech in Promoting Giant Salamander Protection” project was awarded Zhangjiajie Science and Technology Progress 2nd Prize. By introducing Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs) and its bioactivities, the company’s advisor Prof. Pavel Lukyanov attended the Functional Glycomics Biology Conference held at Kazan, Russia. Doctor Min Qu was awarded Ph.D. of Dalian Ocean University and initiated “Research on Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs) Isolation, Purification and Activity” project.

2013: “Giant Salamander Glycopeptides (ADGPs) Health Food” was awarded invention patent. Until end of 2013, the company has applied 6 artificially-bred 2nd filial generation giant salamander related standards, published 19 academic papers, including 2 SCI papers and 1 EI paper.