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Jinchi Representative Team Business Visit to Frankfurt Germany

2015-06-08 02:18

Ms. Chen, Ping, the vice president and R&D manager of Jinchi Biotech Inc., and Jinchi representative team arrived to have a four-day pre-listing issues business visit in Frankfurt, Germany on January 5 2014. During the visit, Jinchi representative team visited Frankfurt stock exchange, and had several conferences with listing consultants SCC. There is an effective progress.

This visit is committed to further understand consultancy, market-makers, cooperative Banks and other details. Therefore, as to promote long edge and public communication and cooperation between the partners, they should effectively promote the company public exhibition.

Upon arrival, Jinchi representative team was warmly welcomed by the German company and received warm reception. The next three days, they held several meetings with partner on behalf of the company representatives. The two sides have a prospectus market-making business and have carried on the thorough understanding and discussion. The prospectus meeting company issuing shares relevant issues which are discussed in details. These are beneficial to the company partners and the public have a more in-depth understanding. Market-makers’ meeting talked about the market-maker system, the main trading process, and operation conditions, such as market-makers quotation did understand, to ensure that the real market transaction and cooperation in the future.

Cooperation with all parties actively strengthened the communication and cooperation.