Home News “The First Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Food Festival” Was Grandly Held

“The First Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Food Festival” Was Grandly Held

2015-10-14 05:20

        On September 24th, 2015, “The First Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Food Festival” was grandly held at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park by Zhangjiajie Municipal Government (The Host) and Zhangjiajie (China) Giant Salamander Biological Technology Co, Ltd. (The Organizer), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinchi Biotech Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jinchi Biotech”). Many officers and experts attended the opening ceremony, including Mr. Yiheng Li (the former vice chairman of CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee), Mr. Yanliang Li (the director of Fishery Supervision and Administration Office of the Yangtze River set up by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and the chairman of the National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association), Mr. Yue Zhou (the vice director of Department of Commerce of Hunan Province), Mr. Zhizhong Liu (the vice director of Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Products Bureau of Hunan Province), officers from Zhangjiajie Municipal Government such as Ge’an Liu, Fanglu Du, Qun Liu, Jinming Luo, Zhuoyi Xiang, Hongri Chen, Yuanci Zhang and other related national and provincial officers and experts.

       The opening ceremony, Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Chef Competition, Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Industry Development and Technology Summit, Giant Salamander Quality Tourist Routes Tour, Giant Salamander Related Products Exhibition were shown in the food festival. Officers from Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, leading governors at all levels from Hunan province and related experts as well as tourists from all parts of China watched giant salamanders and related products showed by 27 companies. And Jinchi Biotech’s highly-processed products of giant salamander and giant salamander protection received high praise.

        On September 25th, 2015, “Giant Salamander Industry Development and Technology Summit” was held in Wulingyuan. Two members from Jinchi Biotech’s expert team, namely the world famous biologist Professor Lukyanov Pavel Alexandrovich who served as the head of Department of Molecular Immunology of Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russia and Professor Wei Li from Dalian Ocean University, were invited to attend the festival and gave a keynote speech. Meanwhile, among people in attendance, there were over 100 beauty chain organizations’ managers from Guangdong, Guangxi, Shanxi, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan and etc. Jinchi Biotech made a visual exhibition for its products under the brand Shinique specially supplied for beauty salons and explained Shinique’s brand concept, origin of product, research process and using result at the festival, which drawn a great number of managers’ attention to its related products.

        Jinchi Biotech gained sales reaching nearly AUD$ 900,000 (RMB 4,000,000) through its sales agents selling its products at the festival, and made several beauty chain organizations to be its new sales agents.

        The success of the First Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander Food Festival has an active effect on giant salamander industry, Shinique’s brand influence and  Jinchi Biotech’s sustainable development.